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GloComX is providing cutting-edge traceability techniques through NFTs and other blockchain technologies, to enhance commodity trading. We will introduce the flexibility of our platform with four diverse markets that require the advanced capabilities we provide: Real estate, Lumber, Autonomous vehicles, and Carbon credits. Other commodities will follow. We are on a mission to help build your future and remove middlemen from commodity market once and for all.

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Series A

Early Stage Investment

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Steps Companies Can Take To Increase NFT Adoption

Despite the recent downturn in the crypto market, non-fungible tokens have emerged to be potent tools to help businesses deliver exceptional value to their customers. Based on the initiatives launched by some of the biggest global brands, it can be definitely established that NFT technology is here to stay.

The House Always Wins: Why NFTs could be set to revolutionize the real estate market

In 2021, 6.9 million Americans experienced the administrative nightmare of buying a property. Once the exhilaration of having a bid accepted passes, it can be months before you seem to see any real progress.

GloComX Launches Blockchain-Based Carbon Credit Marketplace for Fraud-Free Emissions Tracking

GloComX has recently announced that they are developing a finance platform which will serve as a reliable mediator that will prevent safety and quality deficiencies in manufacturing processes.

GloComX: the company using NFTs to tackle climate change and corruption

When people think of Non-Fungible Tokens - or NFTs - they often think of the stratospheric sums being paid for digitized art, gifs and even memes. These are continuing to gain in popularity - however, the majority of the general public have no clue what they are, or what they do.

Combating Pollution

NFTs Based Ecosystem

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Benefits for GloComX Coin Holders

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By emphasizing the financial viability of GloComX Coin, we are going to make it attractive relative to other major cryptocurrencies. GloComX is not a gimmick: it provides practical solutions to current and future urgent needs for commodity transactions. As it emerges onto more cryptocurrency exchanges, its exchangeability will increase. We want people to know that whether they are holding GCC or trading it away, we stand by their right to choose.

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“Hidden” Products

In recognition of the valuable contributions that investors are making during this early development phase, we are offering exclusive access to special offers, physical products, and cutting-edge features. These exclusive offers represent another way that GloComX Coin holders are gaining an advantage through their purchases.

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Voting Rights

When you hold GloComX Coin, you are not a passive bystander. On the contrary, you get a voice in the work that goes into the platform. You will vote on decisions that we make as we maintain the platform and as we expand it. Whenever someone proposes an enhancement, you will have the opportunity to enter into the decision-making process over its adoption.

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Liquidity & Payment

You are free to use and trade GloComX Coin as you see fit. While the point of GCC is to make transactions on GloComX simple and accessible, we are also launching it on exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Your financial future is entirely up to you. GCC is a utility coin because we believe in putting actual value into our platform. GCC will serve as an easy, decentralized means to make payments on our marketplace, purchasing commodities and making investments, without any outside processors.

Growth Factors

Although GloComX will prove useful for all types of commodities, we can’t start everywhere, all at once. We are introducing the platform with three use cases: real estate, lumber, autonomous vehicles, and carbon credit. These examples communicate clearly and effectively how we see our technology making an impact on both the supply and demand sides of commodity transactions. This clarity will foster growth in unison with our burning, supply reduction, decentralization, and buyback initiatives.

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Our system is based on linking physical commodities to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), that provide secure, transparent traceability through every step of the manufacturing, testing and delivery chains. We are jump-starting the whole commodity trading ecosystem with the creation of a standard ERC-20 coin, GloComX Coin or GCC. A maximum of 8 billion GCCs will be created to prime our early operations. These coins will be used as currency to purchase NFTs. We will buyback and burn, which means that as more people participate in the actual marketplace we are engineering through GloComX, the value of the existing coins is going to increase.

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Minting a total of 8,000,000,000 GCC, we will not exceed that hard cap.

Market Trends 2026 CAGR

Wood Products Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)


NFT Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)


Carbon Credit Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)


Autonomous Car Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)


Blockchain Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)


Value Proposition

Our system saves all investors the money they would pay to intermediaries. A pioneer at using NFTs to represent commodities in the global market and offer traceability solutions with a special focus on real estate, carbon credit, autonomous vehicles and lumber. We enable our customers to tokenize commodities, purchasing and selling physical goods in an entirely digital marketplace. By collaborating with all key regulators and providing them with their own portal, we will simultaneously establish guarantees for all of our users.

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Valid Platform

We see our platform through the lens of the value we can create for our customers and the impact we can make in the commodities market. The public nature of the blockchain ensures that buyers would know if their diamonds are tainted by conflict, if their wood products were harvested according to international agreements, or if their commodities originated in Russia.

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Tokenizing Commodities

Rather than minting tokens that are one-of-a-kind but have no inherent worth, we are minting tokens that represent actual, physical things– specifically, commodities. We see the NFT art market as an interesting novelty that demonstrated the proof of concept that NFTs can represent ownership of something. That “something” could be anything, from a humorous meme to a truckload of lumber.

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Empowering Everyone

GloComX will engage the community at every stage of this process. Ownership of GCC gives participants a voice on the platform. We will solicit comments and then make changes in response to user feedback.

Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Reliability

Open Call for Commodities & NFTs Enthusiasts

Our platform will deliver a clear and irresistible platform to drive change, embrace decentralization in all of its forms, and promise businesses and anyone who deals with commodities, directly or indirectly, the ability to generate more revenue while reducing work. By combining the commodity market and the NFT market, we will tap into both simultaneously. We will empower commodity traders and businesses to take advantage of the latest technology while also empowering NFT enthusiasts to participate in the age-old commodity market. We view our audience as anyone involved in commodities or NFTs, and we will deliver a means to generate revenue for each of those groups and build a better future. Toward that end, we have envisioned our growth potential as tremendous and invite you to Join Us.

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Whitelisting and Private Sale

Private Sale

The commodity market is long overdue for a change. In stark contrast with the stock market and the cryptocurrency market, the commodity market has clung to outmoded, outdated mechanisms and systems. Intermediaries continue to take out a substantial bite out of every transaction. GloComX is designed to change this, providing a means for commodity investors to tap into the brilliance of NFTs and the blockchain. We are, for a limited time, opening GloComX to a select few private investors. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to reach out to us for details.

GloComX – Together

NFTs present a way forward for the global economy – a means for investors and entrepreneurs to work more efficiently, cutting costs and, in turn, getting more done. The possibilities for GloComX in real estate, lumber, autonomous vehicles, and carbon credits are thrilling. We look forward to proceeding boldly into each of these industries. However, this is only the beginning. Our long-term vision is of a one-stop-shop, where international and domestic commodity buyers and sellers can thrive together. This is your opportunity to get involved – in a revolution across the NFT and commodity markets.



Q2 2022

We will begin SAFE sales in the seed-round, communicating with our investors and early adopters to refine and improve our system prior to launch.

TraceMart Launch

Q4 2022

By this point, GloComX in its complete form will be ready for the public. It will include our groundbreaking traceability system, as well as integration with Binance, OKEx, and Bitmex. We will also offer an NFT wallet and payment systems in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Payment System

Q1 2023

Our attention will then turn to payments directly in GloComX Coins, further smoothing out the processes that people need to follow to make use of their earnings on our platform.

Facilitate Services

Q3 2023

We will facilitate services relevant to the commodity market. Our focus will be on the three core use cases we have outlined: lumber, autonomous vehicles, and carbon credits.

New Digital Assets

Q4 2023

We will introduce new digital assets as NFTs and launch our regulators' portals, for both local and international trade commissions.

Mobile App Launch

Q1 2025

GloComX will exist inside your pocket with the launch of our mobile app. Around the same time, we will begin trading other assets (beyond lumber, autonomous vehicles, and carbon credits) on our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Who can access client information on the GloComX platform?


Key Decision Makers

Team Image

Chinedu Godwin, MBA - Founder/CEO

Chinedu has 15 year’s experience in IT and FinTech, with a particular passion for innovative concepts. His areas of expertise include blockchain, data science, cybersecurity, machine learning, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

Team Image

Umair Surani, MBA - Marketing

Skilled at building markets and profitable channels for businesses looking to positively impact our society and environment. 11+ years of experience in SaaS and mechanical solutions in the GreenTech, CleanTech, ClimateTech, and ConstructionTech verticals.

Team Image

Kimberlynn Hunter, MBA, DML - Human Resources

Veteran of the US Army focused on helping organizations remove impediments to optimal performance: inefficient rules or processes, groupthink, and apathy. Kim provide strategic clarity in driving our vision forward and bring global strategic leadership.

Team Image

Robert Holder, MBA, CSSGB - Operations

Veteran of the USAF focused on helping others create and maintain a better life for themselves. Experienced Software Engineer Manager, Skilled in Business Operations, Data Analysis, Service Delivery, Quality, IT Service Management, and Program Management.



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GloComX is a secured marketplace that can help your business save 20% of operating costs and increase profits by 20%. What would that savings do for your business? What could you do with those additional profits? We're ready to help you find out!


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Alex Wilcox

Project Manager - Emission reduction

Look at Carbon Credits. Large companies, who are some of the biggest polluters, use them to cheat emission reduction standards. GloComX solves these issues by linking into actual machines and directly tracing carbon emissions. Now, it's possible to check in with polluters and see that they take the necessary steps to mitigate their environmental impact.


Allen Lowe

Construction Manager

Missed payments, missed delivery dates, or poor quality lumber - all of these can turn any project in the construction sector into absolute chaos. Smart contracts are a new way to do business, and construction companies can rely on GloComX for smart contracts to protect their interests.


Laura Ross

Logistics Manager

GloComX traceability mechanisms ensure trusted, and transparent data is shared during the manufacturing processes for safety-critical components in autonomous vehicles. As a driver, I feel confident about what I am getting when I purchase an autonomous vehicle, and drivers everywhere can feel safe on the road as we push forward into the future of self-driving vehicles. .











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